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The Level Up

Fully interactive 2D and 3D table top map projection app. Customizable weather, effects, soundscapes, grid and fog of war. Level up your existing image and video maps or download our new full 3D scenarios. 

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Wind and Weather

Dynamic time of day and weather


Multiple effects to customize your scene


Combine weather, ambient-, battle- and music-tracks for your scenario

Fog of War & Grid

Optional and customizable grid and fog of war

Wind and Weather

Clear sky, rainy day, snowfall or thunderstorm? Wether you need a morning with light rain, a sunny afternoon or a thunderstorm at night, our time and weather system has you coverd. You can combine any time of day, with multipel weather effects and wind of any strength from any compass point. **


Select a look preset for your scene and customize brightness colors. You can also add spezial effects like bloom, film grain or distortion. **

Bloom Effect On Battle Map

Make it glow!

On this Bridge over Lava map the Bloom effect can be seen particularly well. You can use it, for example, to give maps a certain atmosphere. The lava should look hotter or in another map everything should look more mystical.

This map is "Bridge over Lava" by Dynamic Dungeons. Follow this link to view the Dynamic Dungeons page.

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Color me in!

Have you ever wondered, what an Elventree would look like in a fairy forest? Or do you want to transfer your desert scene to Mars?

With Hue shift you can recolor your map with a single slider.

This example map is the "Elventree" also by Dynamic Dungeons.

Hue Effect On Battle Map

Level Up your Tabletop!

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** Some scenario options require a payment subscription or a one time purchase of the scenario.