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The Kickstarter campaign has come to an end. Thank you to all our backers who helped us reach our goal. You guys are awesome!

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The Level Up

Infinite Realms is a fully interactive 2D and 3D tabletop projection app. It features customizable weather, effects, soundscapes, grids and fog of war. Enhance your existing image and video maps or download our new 3D scenarios.


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Around the Clock

Set the time of your scenario exactly as you need it with a 24-hour cycle for day and night!

The sun and moon are automatically positioned and the lighting is adjusted for bright days, dark nights and atmospheric dusks and dawns.

After Rain comes the Sun

Clear sky, rainy day, snowfall or thunderstorm?

Whether a morning of light rain, a sunny afternoon or a thunderstorm at night, our weather system has you covered!

Into the Storm

Need some hurricane-level action in your scenario?

You can combine any weather setting with anything from a light breeze to a storm from any direction. Vegetation, precipitation, and map effects like smoke are all affected by your wind settings.


Choose a preset for the look of your scene and adjust brightness, hue, saturation, and contrast. You can also add special effects such as bloom, film grain, or distortion. **

Make it glow!

This volcano map shows the bloom effect particularly well. You can use it to give maps a certain atmosphere. For example, if you want the lava to look hotter or the environment to look more mystical.

This map is Bridge over Lava by Dynamic Dungeons. Follow this link to view the Dynamic Dungeons page.

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Color me!

Have you ever wondered what a fairy tree would look like in a real fairy forest? Or want to transfer your desert scene to Mars?

With Hue Shift, you can recolor your map with a single slider.

This example map is the Elventree also by Dynamic Dungeons.

Next-Gen Tabletop

Whether you use a projector or a TV to get your maps on the table, whether you love role-playing games or wargaming: Infinite Realms is the most flexible solution! Best of all, it's free and always will be!

How we will be able to accomplish this? After the campaign and early access, some advanced features will be available for purchase in map packs or accessible in a low-cost subscription model. All our basic scenarios and core features like grid, fog of war, soundscapes and quite a few effects will always remain free.

Our Kickstarter page

Epic Scale

The standard D&D scale of 1 inch equals 5 feet is not for you?

The distance between the players and the map can be increased for exploration, large battles, or tabletop wargaming systems.

Hidden in the Dark

You don't want your players to see what's around that corner?

We feel for you! Infinite Realms has a "Fog of War" system that lets you hide (and reveal) everything on the map.

In Rank and File

Your system of choice needs a grid for combat or exploration?

We offer an optional flexible grid system that supports hexagonal and rectangular grids - the grid can also be resized, realigned and recolored.

Level Up your Tabletop!


* Our Adventurer tier will always be free.
** Some scenario options require a paid subscription or a one time purchase of the scenario.